Specializing in assisting older people and their families plan and implement quality care.

Working with a Geriatric Care Manager:

Our relationship starts with open communication about your goals and concerns for your older loved one. I will provide a professional assessment and offer realistic recommendations on how to achieve your goals — or reevaluate them. My services are tailored to your needs. I can be a coach or I can have more hands on involvement. Sometimes, my role changes as the situation with the older adult changes. Each step of the way, I will clearly communicate what I recommend and how I could be involved.

Who can benefit from Teresa’s Services?

An Elder Who:
● has had multiple hospitalizations/ER trips
● has multiple falls or is declining in their health and independence
● is losing weight, mobility, or strength
● has signs of dementia and cannot seem to manage as before

A family caregiver who:
● is overwhelmed and feeling “burnt out”
● lives out the area and needs support managing care