Geriatric Care Management (also known as Aging Life Care TM) is a system of support that helps older adults and their loved ones solve problems, make plans and achieve goals related to their quality of life and elder care needs.  Geriatric Care Managers (GCM’s) or Aging Life Care Professionals TM provide support through assessment, consultation, and care coordination.  GCM’s are highly educated in health and human services, have years of experience and elder care, and follow ethical principles which mandate safety, protection and self-determination of the elder.

Professional Geriatric Care Managers belong to Aging Life Care (TM) Association.  Teresa is a “Professional Member.”  For more information about Geriatric Care Management and Aging Life Care, visit 

Who can benefit from Teresa’s Services?

An Elder Who:

  • has had multiple hospitalizations/ER trips, multiple falls or is declining in their health and independence;
  • is losing weight, mobility, or strength;
  • is isolated and depressed; who does not get out as much as before;
  • has signs of dementia and cannot seem to manage as before;
  • has missed repeated doctor’s appointments and is not managing their chronic diseases; or
  • is dissatisfied with their homecare.  Both the elder and the caregivers are frustrated. 

An adult child/healthcare agent/family caregiver who:

  • is overwhelmed and feeling “burnt out” with managing their loved one’s needs;
  • needs support with decision making;
  • lives out the area and needs support managing care; or
  • disagrees with other family members about the best care options for their elder.