Our relationship starts with open communication about your goals and concerns for your older loved one.  I will provide a professional assessment and offer realistic recommendations on how to achieve your goals — or reevaluate them.  My services are tailored to your needs.  I can be a coach or I can have more hands on involvement.  Sometimes, my role changes as the situation with the older adult changes.  Each step of the way, I will clearly communicate what I recommend and how I could be involved.  Decision making authority resides with the legally appointed decision maker. 


I have an initial conversation with you and/or other key decision makers about your concerns; what prompted you to call; your goals; and why you believe professional assistance is needed for you or your elder.  We will discuss the urgency of the matter and the timeframes.  We will also discuss what it is like to work with a Geriatric Care Manager for a short term intervention or for long term support.  During this call, I will give you an overview of how I might approach the situation and how I recommend proceeding.  Based on the information shared,  I may potentially assess that I am not a good fit for your situation.  In that event, I will recommend other options.  After this conversation, you will decide if you want to meet with me.  Follow up conversations will include signing of my service agreement. 

Initial Meeting:

During our first in-person meeting,  I will ask more questions and conduct a comprehensive assessment of the situation.  This meeting should include the older adult(s) and is usually in their home or place of residence.  This meeting is 1-3 hours long and may also include other decision makers or people involved in the care of your loved one.  During this meeting, we begin to articulate goals and discuss recommendations for achieving those goals.


Often, families need a written list of recommendations to digest, think about and facilitate understanding of priorities.  The recommendations guide conversation about the important tasks that need to be done to accomplish the goals for the older adult.  I am available to meet with family about recommendations and work with them to create a Care Plan.

Implementation of the Care Plan:

The recommendations turn into a Care Plan.  Typically, in a family or system, everyone has some role in implementing the Care Plan.  I help define those roles and often, when needed, I provide ongoing support.  By overseeing the care plan, assessing the efficacy of the interventions, and making changes as needed, I help the family achieve their goals for their loved one. 

Ongoing support:

I provide ongoing support through coaching, routine assessment, and assistance as needed.  My goal is to create stability and establish readiness to respond to changing needs.